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About Dhaval Gandhi

hey there! i’m Dhaval, and i’m an international candid wedding photographer. there are precise moments of my life that i’d give anything to have a picture to me, photography is a way to remember. it’s not about the posed or contrived; but the stories inside the image. i believe everyone has a story and i am passionate about preserving the wedding photographer at Studio Viscom.

Being an Destination wedding photographer, from ahmedabad, I have had the privilege of being part of some amazing life stories. I love the art of storytelling through wedding cinematic videos, from the gorgeous bridal dress, the big hug from mum and dad, the kiss, the tears, the smiles, the first dance – all frozen in time.

Dhaval  has catered to the needs of its distinct clients in the form of who’s who of different industrial undertakings. It has earned appreciations and accolades from its esteemed clientele consisting of multi-national corporates & Government of Gujarat including the patronage of the Ho’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi.


now words about Bharat Gandhi, founder of Studio Viscom


One of my first weddings and all time fav photos, taken with a fully manual Canon AE-1 Film Camera, and 35MM lens.

When started shooting weddings back in the early days, (since 1982) Lets just say digital photography was just in it’s infancy. I had to make do with a basic, fully manual camera, my trusty Canon AE-1 and my go to lens 35MM/2.8.  I remember thinking how much I wish I could afford to buy those big impressive zoom lenses and auto focus cameras the seasoned pros were using, maybe only then I could become best wedding photographer I could be.

Well after a few years digital photography started to emerge and I was enthralled with the new technology, and at that time was just starting to make a decent living with my wedding photography. So I bit the bullet spending a small fortune on my first digital camera system, a Canon D30. When I think how bad the resolution was it is laughable that I spent so much money. Looking back now, I still think some of my best work was done with that basic manual film equipment, it worked well, and never failed me.

Fast forward to today, I feel a strong pull back to those simple times, Less is more philosophy. So whenever I get asked by newbies about my camera gear, I tend to roll my eyes and take a deep breath. Here we go again! Why is there the perceived notion that having the best equipment is essential to being the best wedding photographer you can be?  Do you go to a fine restaurant and ask the chef “what kind of oven do you use to make such tasty food?” Of course not! Instead of focusing on your equipment, think about the elements of a good photograph; good lighting, good composition, and most importantly having passion for what your do! Think about the message you want to present when someone views your images. Instead of spending all your hard earned cash on the latest, fasted, highest megapixel camera. Put some money towards your education! 

I’m looking forward to a return to those simpler days, new technology, faster, smaller, lighter cameras certainly make it possible today. It also makes it very simple for anyone to get into this field of wedding photography.  However having a unique vision, a bit of talent, passion, and some technical knowledge may not be as simple, and in my opinion these are the elements that make it possible for you to be the best wedding photographer you can be! Not the size of your toys!

I hope you found this post useful! Do leave me some feedback.  I would love to hear from you!

and Happy Shooting!


Our style and approach enables me to document a wedding like a story as it unfolds throughout the day.

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