Getting Married ??? You must check this.....

Planning a wedding? Phew! Definitely one of the grandest events of one’s life but planning it with absolute no glitches is impossible. Ask anyone who is married, and they’ll have numerous tales as to what went wrong, how an alternate way was found at the last moment, so on and so forth. But of course, what’s a wedding without these tales, right? To make the process of wedding planning easy and systematic, has prepared a comprehensive checklist. Feel free to use and distribute it amongst anybody who is getting married. We are sure your life will be much easier.

12+ months to your wedding

(a) Time to start getting organised

(b) Envision your wedding style (save as many photos from wherever possible!)

(c) Talk and finalise budget

(d) Wedding announcement (to the near and dear ones)

(e) Envision wedding dress (brides, it’s never too early!)

(f) Start researching on jewellery designs

(g) Time to groom yourself into wedding day shape (eat right, start working out)

(h) Start your research on the caterers

9-11 months to your wedding

(a) Scout venues until you find the perfect one

(b) Look for the wedding priest

(c) Start buying your jewellery

(d) Start making the guest list and finalise it

(e) Start shopping for your wedding trousseau

(f) Time to sign the catering contract

(g) Look for DJs/live bands/lighting

(h) Set up appointments with the florist

(i) Envision your wedding invitation and other stationery