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Let's search for best wedding photography for your Wedding

  • Fall in love. Check.

  • Get Engaged. Check.

  • Set a date. Check.

  • Find the best wedding photographer in India for your wedding. You’re in the right place! Soon-to-be-married-couples today have woken up to the fact that finding and finalising one of the best candid wedding photographers in India is as important and urgent as it is setting the date. Traditionally, photographers were just another “arrangement” and a cursory overview allowed the parents to make an uncomplicated decision. In recent times, the DSLR explosion along with global trends in candid & mood photography have made everybody a photographer. The blogging network and social platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest have brought up so many options that a simple online search will leave you inspired, aspiring and overwhelmed – all at the same time.

  • Research is the key : Before quickly finalising any photographer, spend weeks going through the hordes of websites of leading wedding photographers. It is important that you pay close attention to the image galleries and not the quality of the website. Sit with your partner and shortlist a few, and then proceed accordingly.

  • Word of mouth : Though research through websites is fine, it is always advisable to talk to your friends, family or anybody who has recently married and get their feedback. Glance through their wedding albums, bridal portraits and decide whether you’d like to go for the same, or whether the search should continue.

  • What’s your style? : Twenty-five years from your wedding, how would you like to see your wedding photographs? Classic, formal, or candid? Black and white? Though the in-trend style may enamour you, always select a photographer who can assure you some ever-lasting shots, irrespective of the season or year.

  • Experience counts! : He might be a top-notch photographer but is he experienced enough to shoot a wedding? It is imperative to check his previous wedding portfolios before handing him his assignment. Wedding photography requires special skills that only an experienced hand can handle.

  • Know the basics : You needn’t know the technicalities. But it is always good that you have a basic idea about the camera that the photographer is going to use, the shots that you’d like to pose in, the number of assistants coming along and the likes. Any doubt, ask questions! Remember, no question is a dumb one.

  • Once you’ve found that perfect person, with the perfect pictures : get in touch, and get talking. Remember, it’s important to really be comfortable with your photographer: he or she is going to be the one person you will be spending the MOST time with during your wedding! Once you’ve confirmed availability with your photographer, you’ll probably want to start discussing budgets and the style of shoot you’d like. It’s quite helpful to send your photographer reference shots from either his/her own portfolio, or sample shots that you may have found on the internet. Photographers don’t mind basic direction — it helps to ensure that the final result is neither a creative shock or a complete surprise!

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